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Lechonera DMV

Lechonera DMV was inspired by a family tradition that originated in the south of Puerto Rico. The concept pays homage to a unique, traditional wood fire cuisine, and presents Puerto Rico’s iconic dish, “Lechon Asao,” the same way it has been preserved for years on the island.


Lechonera DMV embodies celebration, taking center stage with a warm, smoky rotisserie that represents coming together as a community. It is also inspired by “La Ruta del Lechón” in Guavate. “La Ruta del Lechón” is a legendary route that travels through the central mountains of Puerto Rico. It has gained cultural status among Puerto Ricans for its abundance of “Lechoneras,” rustic, open-fire roadside joints that specialize in wood-roasted, pig-on-a-stick, called, “Lechón a la Vara.”


Today, our mission is to nourish the neighborhood with a burst of smoke, elevating the cultural heritage of Lechonera with a very personal approach. Enjoy!

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Puerto Rican Festival of Manassas Menu

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Welcome to the
“Lechonera DMV Experience”

Puerto Rico’s culture is a colorful mix of old and new, mixing Taino indigenous, Spanish, and African traditions. You’ll find expressions of that culture all around the island from bomba dance to lively festivals that fill the streets and on our very unique culinary repertoire. Whether you want to look, listen, or join right in, immerse yourself in the vibrant and warm culture of Puerto Rico.


In Puerto Rico, we call ourselves Boricua. It’s a unique name that honors our Island heritage, but it’s also a way of life, a state of mind, a rhythm and flavor that is distinctly Puerto Rico. Once you celebrate with us, you’ll find that spirit in yourself, we invite you to experience Puerto Rico the Boricua way.

Join the "party in the street or at home” vibe at traditions like eating Lechon Asao “wood roasted pig” and drinking piña coladas during your special event. No matter what time of year, culture is present in every corner of our Caribbean paradise.


Let us bring our home away from home to you and yours!

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Thank you for your interest in Lechonera DMV! We look forward to chatting with you soon.

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Open on:

Saturday 6/15/24

Hours:  11 AM - 9PM 

@ The Puerto Rican Festival of Manassas

Sunday "Happy Father's Day"

Hours:  Closed

Occoquan Commuter Parking Lot

1325 Old Bridge Rd.

Woodbridge, VA 22192


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Thank you for your interest in Lechonera DMV! We look forward to chatting with you soon.

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